Karl Kuehn, known across the N.C. music scene as front man/drummer of Museum Mouth and “almost rapper” OK McQueen, recently released new material under his new project, Family Bike. The duo stopped by Wristband City for a quick interview on the eve of their debut show at the Negative Fun Records Day Party.


Anonymous asked:

what's yr opinion on college radio

summertimeinhell answered:

I love it except for WUSC in columbia SC it’s the worst college radio station in this country.  It’s run by morons with no taste and there is literally nothing ever worth a shit on the air.  Like they don’t even play shit that’s currently hip which I wouldn’t be into but at least I’d understand.  If you turn this station on it’s going to either be music from xbox games, anime music, shitty mumford and sons core, or MAYBE some shitty local band.  It’s a waste of money and time and they should shut the whole fucking thing down.

Other than that college radio rules, I love the stations that have been repping us and I think it’s an important and fun part of the music culture of america.  Shouts out to stations that work their ass off and try to expose people to new shit.